Scan protocols

Body MRI

Head to toe 10 mm STIR coronal whole-body images collected in the supine position are suggested. STIR provides excellent contrast between nerve sheath tumors and normal tissue without the need for contrast administration. Images from five acquisitions should be fused into a single whole-body series by using the software available on the MR workstation.  Total imaging time for five STIR sequences is approximately 15 minutes.  At the very least, full coverage of the entire lesion with 3-5 mm STIR should be provided if whole-body is not available. Please see Cai et al., 2009 for additional information.

Brain MRI

Pre- and post-gadolinium contrast, T1-weighted, 3 mm thin (contiguous, no gap) whole-brain axial and coronal images are needed for volumetric analysis.  At a minimum, 3 mm internal auditory canal images with full lesion coverage should be provided. Please consult Harris et al., 2008.

PLEASE NOTE: If required MR scans do not cover entire lesion(s) of interest, it is not possible to process the scans for reliable tumor volumetric analyses.