eLearning modules

TIMC is developing a catalog of online learning modules for clinical trial staff and radiologists. Providing a basic overview of clinical research and tumor response assessment, these modules cover such topics as:

  • General measurement criteria concepts
  • RECIST1.0 vs RECIST1.1
  • Original vs. Revised Cheson criteria
  • Choi criteria
  • irRC
  • PCWG criteria (for prostate cancer)
  • EBMT (for myeloma)
  • Metastatic sites of common cancers

The eLearning system will be accessible through the TIMC website, giving investigators the opportunity to learn at their own pace from the office, home, or anywhere with an Internet connection. At the end of each module, a certificate of completion will be awarded after the trainee has demonstrated proficiency. Initially, only investigators, trial staff, and radiologists within the DF/HCC will have access to the online modules, but it is a goal of TIMC to make them available to outside cancer centers and radiology trainees.