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3D Reconstructions

Tele3D creates comprehensive 3D workups based on nearly 50 clinically validated3D Protocols.  The 3D Protocols were developed to enable radiologists and clinicians to swiftly and thoroughly evaluate the exam with a high level of confidence. The MGH3D Protocols were developed over the past 10 years by radiologists and clinicians expertise in the relevant divisions (neuro, vascular, GI/GU, cardiac, etc.).

The protocols were designed to provide referring clinicans with the information they need to diagnose and treat their patients. The 3D images have also proven extremely helpful in educating patients about their condition and enabling them to better participate in their care.

Nuero CTA

For example, the Head & Neck CTA protocol provides over 60 views of all vessel branches and bifurcations allowing the radiologist and clinician to review every study in a standard fashion thereby reducing the time required to read the exam by up to 75%.