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Tele3D Overview

Tele3D's mission is to improve patient care by efficiently and economically providing academic medical center quality 3D images

          Anytime ... Anywhere

Tele3D's expertise is based on over 10 years of experience generating nearly 250,000 exquisitely detailed and comprehensive 3D workups that meet the highest clinical and academic quality standards.  Tele3D currently process over 2000 3D exams / month and is a leader in the field.

Our team is committed to staying current on both computer technology and advanced clinical applications in order to bring radiologists, technologists and referring physicians the most sophisticated clinical imaging service available to enhance patient care.

Tele3D's 3D workups are based on nearly 50 3D Protocols developed at Massachusetts General Hospital.  The 3D protocols were developed over 10 years by radiologists and clinicians with expertise in the various divisions (neuro, GI/GI, vascular, cardiac, etc.).