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Billing Support

Billing for 3D procedures requires a carefully designed and documented process to be reliabily reimubrsed for 3D exams.

As part of the overall Tele3D service, we will work with you to implement the processes that have been proven successful so that you can efficiently bill for the 3D procedure and streamline the order process for your clinicians and radiologists.

Table 1: Reimbursement Requirements

  1. The 3D procedure is a standard Dept Protocol and the Physician has received notification.
  2. By specific request form the physician
  3. Positive finding by radiologist, requiring further views and physician notification.
  4. Processing on FDA approved software

The requirements to bill under CPT 76377 for a non-angiography 3D procedure are shown in Table 1. One of the first three requirements needs to be met along with #4.  Tele3D will work with you to develop and publish Department Protocols that will make 3D a standard part of all applicable radiology procedures ordered by your referring physicians so that billing for 3D becomes part of your standard processes.