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Clinical Benefits of Contracting Tele3D

Tele3D provides clinical and/or workflow benefits to all of the people working to provide patient care - Radiologists, Clinicians and Technologists.  This integrated approach lends itself to achieving the goal of improved patient care.

Clinical Benefits: Radiologists
    • A radiologist reads studies more efficiently and with a higher level of confidence when given clinically excellent 3D images, leading to increased productivity.

    • Reports with 3D images that display complex anatomy will improve communications with clinicians and reduce consultation time.

    • Radiologists won't need to develop 3D protocols or train techs to implement the 3D protocols.
technologist Clinical Benefits: Technologists
    • Technologists are able to increase the amount of time spent with patients. Patient care improves and patients satisfaction increases when technologists are able to focus their attention on patients instead of computer processing

    • Job satisfaction will increase as technologists spend more time caring for patients.

    • Technologists can focus their training on skills that improve their technical and management abilities which lead to job advancement and new career opportunities.
Clinical Benefits: Clinicians
    • Final reports containing realistic 3D images are concise and comprehensive

    • Clinical 3D images lead to faster, more confident diagnoses, surgical plans, and treatment decisions

    • Comprehensive 3D workups reduce the need for exploratory surgery. Surgical plans based on excellent 3D minimize surgical invasiveness and operating room time thereby reducing potential damage to healthy tissue.