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Financial Benefits of Contracting Tele3D


A 3D service impacts virtually every element in radiology - clinicians, technologists, radiologists, billing, and workflow.

Important factors to consider in determining the costs and value of creating and managing an in-house 3D Imaging Service vs. working with Tele3D include:

  • Reimbursments
  • Operating Expenses
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Radiologist Productivity
  • Patient Capacity / Throughput
  • Growth

All of these factors should be considered in the analysis to determine the relative benefits of working with Tele3D. In considering these factors, Tele3D will help your staff evaluate these factors and the potential financial impact of Tele3D and/or an in-house 3D service.  For example:

  • Radiologist Productivity: Radiologists who are provided with clinically useful 3D images are more productive and able to read more exams in less time, increasing professional fees and radiologist income. In the time it takes a radiologist to generate a full 3D workup, they could read 2 to 4 additional exams and bill an additional $200 - $300 in professional fees.
  • Patient Throughput: Every time a technologist steps away from the scanner to workup a 3D exam, a patient is kept waiting and throughput suffers. Consider a site with two CT and one MR scanner, where the techs at each scanner spend ~10 minutes a couple of times a day generating 3D images. The time dedicated to 3D at this site can add up to 250 hours/yr of idle scanner time during which time ~1,000 patients could have been scanned translating into $400,000 to $500,000 in lost technical fees per year
  • Economies of Scale:  A larger practice can generate 3D workups at a much lower cost than a smaller institution.  Building and operating a high quality 3D service is an expensive business when all of the costs are taken into account. The fully burdened cost to generate a 3D exam can easily total $200 - $225 / 3D for a site processing 5 to 10 3D exams / day. Economies of scale allow Tele3D to charge a fraction of this amount.
Fully Burdened Cost to Operate an Onside 3D Service
Scan and 3D Protocols Developed and maintained by radiologists
Training Programs for new and experienced technologists taught by radiologists and senior staff
Staffing Multiple technologists trained to provide adequate coverage plus management
Equipment Purchasing, Networking,IT and Vendor support, Upgrading "a workstation that comes with a scanner isn't free."
Overhead Rent, Utilities, Billing, Administration, etc.