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Clinical 3D Protocols

Tele3D provides a complete range of comprehensive 3D protocols designed to provide:

  • the radiologist with the 3D information they need to interpret the exam;
  • the clinician with the concise images to diagnose and treat the patient; and
  • the patient with images that will allow them to better understand their condition and actively participate in their treatment.

3D Analysis Capabilities (View examples of 3D Image Techniques):

Tele3D produces images utilizing all of the techniques available, including:

  • Multi-Planary Reconstruction (MPR / MPVR)
  • Oblique and Curved Reformats
  • Maximum and Minimum Intensity Projections (MIP and MinIP)
  • Shaded Surface Display
  • Volume Rendering
  • Endoluminal Views (Virtual Colonoscopy, Bronch, Vessels)
  • Functional Imaging
  • CADx: Segmentation and Quantitation

Cardiac Radiology

  • Cardiac CTA
  • Cardiac CTA for Coronary arteries
  • Cardiac CTA / MRA for Pulmonary Vein evaluation prior to ablation
  • Cardiac CTA for Pulmonary Arteries
  • Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring

Vascular Radiology

  • CTA / MRA for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
  • CTA / MRA for TAA Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm (TAA)
  • CTA / MRA for Aortic Dissection
  • CTA /MRA Runoff - Upper Extremities
  • CTA / MRA Runoff - Lower Extremities
  • CTV Runoff - Lower Extremities (May-Thurner Syndrome)
  • CTA / MRA for Renal Stenosis
  • CTA for Deep Epigastric Arteries
  • CTA Pancreas

Bone & Joint Radiology

  • Skeletal Fractures
  • Pelvis -Judet Views


  • CTA / MRA Head
  • CTA / MRA Head and NECK
  • CTA / MRANeck
  • CTV /MRV Head
  • CT Head Perfusion
  • CT Facial Bones
  • CT Mandible for Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN)
  • CTA for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • CT Head for Pediatric Craniosynostosis

Abdominal Radiology

  • CTA Liver Donor / Resection
  • CT Urography for Hematuria
  • CTA Renal Donor
  • MRA for Renal Stenosis
  • MRCP - Biliary Tree
  • MRCP - Pancreas
  • MRI Liver and Spleen Volumes for Gaucher's Disease

Chest Radiology

  • Chest CT - Virtual Bronchoscopy for Tracheal Lesions/Tracheomalacia
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