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Workflow Solutions

Tele3D's 3D workflow supports your current workflow. In our workflow, the work takes place in 3 centers: Referring Physicians office, Client Radiology Department, and Tele3D Processing Center. To enable this workflow, Tele3D will install a DICOM router at your facilitiy will support the bi-direction flow of image data.  The typical workflow would include:

  • Referring physician orders the exam including a 3D workup
  • Patient is scanned at the Clients Radiology Department
  • Client submits the exam for 3D processing 
  • Tele3D generates the 3D reconstruction
  • Tele3D will then send the new 3D images back to your PACS where it will be appended to the original study as a new series.
  • Your site is notified that the 3D images are ready for review.
  • Your radiologists will then be able to read the study using your existing workflow

The actual workflow will be tailored to meet the needs of your institution to assure that the 3D images are where your radiologists need them and when they need them.