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During the past decade, widespread acceptance of multi-detector CT and advances in MRI have led to tremendous increases in both the number of diagnostic radiology exams as well as the number of slices per study. These clinical and technical advancements have made 3D imaging a vital component of diagnostic radiology. High quality 3D images

  • improve patient care by providing radiologists and clinicians with more comprehensive and realistic views of anatomy and pathology leading to faster, more confident diagnoses and treatment planning decisions
  • reduce the need for exploratory surgery and minimize surgical invasiveness and operating room time
  • can help illustrate complex anatomy to the clinician. Reports utilizing 3D images reduce consultation time between radiologists and clinician.

To compete successfully in today's market, radiology practices must meet the demand for high quality 3D which is growing at twice the rate of the overall imaging market.

Tele3D service is the largest provider of 3D services in the country having performed nearly 250,000 3D exams over the past 10 years. Our team of 3D experts currently process up to 1000 3D exams per month covering the broadest range of clinical applications of any 3D service.

Enrolling in Tele3D is an efficient and economic way of offering cutting-edge clinical applications to attract additional referrals while at the same time avoiding the challenges and costs associated with building and operating a 3D service. Tele3D's service integrates and optimizes all of the clinical, workflow and financial elements of a successful 3D service.

Nuero CTA

Tele3D delivers 3D workups providing a comprehensive clinical overview of normal and abnormal anatomy and pathology.  Our 3D workups are structured to conduct a swift evaluation with a high level of confidence. For example, our CTA Head & Neck protocol provides over 60 views of all vessel branches and bifurcations allowing the radiologist and clinician to review every study in a standard fashion and reduce the time required to read a CTA Head & Neck exam by up to 75%.